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Production Facilities

Tulsa, OK

Function: Catalyst Housings, SCR
Square Feet: 400,000
Notable Tooling:
5’ x 10’ CNC Laser
10’ x 30’ Plasma
Milling machine
400-ton x 12’ press brake

Knoxville, TN

Function: Catalyst Manufacturing
Square Feet: 16,000
Notable Tooling:
Auto winder & stacker
Large oxidation oven
Large gas calcining oven
Electric calcining ovens

Prior Lake, MN

Function: Silencers and Accessories
Square Feet: 44,000
Notable Tooling:
8’ x 12’ CNC Plasma
4’ x 4’ Plasma Table
360° plate roller

Winnipeg, Canada

Function: Spiral Silencers
Square Feet: 17,000
Notable Tooling:
3 48” plate rollers
6’ shear
CNC specialized COWL rolling machine

Sinntal, Germany

Function: Heat Exchanger, Housings for SCR and Catalysts, Exhaust Silencer
Square Feet: 182,000
Notable Tooling:
Shear, punching and nibbling machines
Laser machining center
360° plate roller
Bending machines
CNC for plasma and gas-oxygen cutting
Lathe machine
Milling machine