Biogas Catalyst

Biogas catalysts are used as exhaust aftertreatment in CHPs of biogas plants. Compliance with formaldehyde-limit values is promoted by the emission reduction bonus (biogas bonus).

The many years of experience of AIR-SONIC GmbH in air pollution control (TA-Luft)—characterized by the suitable catalyst matrix, sulfur-resistant catalyst foils, and special (platinum) coatings for biogas engines from our development—lead to high conversion rates with a long service life. With our slide-in housings, which allow a catalyst change within a few minutes, they can give the catalyst the care it deserves and help it last many years.

Our industrial catalysts reduce to residual emissions of 30, 20 or even 10 mg/Nm³ CH2O, built into the double-insert housing, which is welded in or flanged, or installed as clamped catalyst in the header of exhaust gas heat exchangers. For more than 15 years, this has been proven by the 1000-fold operation in practice.