The MIRATECH ACIS-BLU SCR control and dosing system brings a new level of sophistication and simplicity to gas and diesel engines in the 300-1500 kW power range. The ACIS-BLU is available in an open loop configuration to meet less stringent NOx control or monitoring needs, as well as NOx sensor-based closed-loop configuration to meet lower NOx targets along with low ammonia slip levels. Robust monitoring and data logging provide the user with operating data to demonstrate compliance assurance. Logs are easily exported to a USB stick in CSV format. Settings and parameters can easily be saved and imported, making set-up for multiple units much faster. The ACIS-BLU control and dosing system can be utilized on nearly every combination of MIRATECH SCR solutions, including SCR-only, SCR and oxidation, or SCR and DPF (diesel only).


The ACIS-BLU dosing system utilizes high-pressure, airless urea injection. This provides extremely fine urea atomization resulting in shorter mixing sections, along with eliminating the air compressor common in most stationary systems. That’s one less component to install and maintain. Compact urea pump and injector require a minimum amount of space, making retrofits or new installation easier to design and install.

Main Features

  • High-pressure airless urea injection provides ultra-fine atomization along with fewer components
  • Pre-fabricated outdoor-rated wiring harness with quick connects at components simplify installation
  • Quick-connect fittings on pump and injector makes installation and maintenance easier
  • Available inlet and outlet NOx/O2 sensors for closed-loop control and system monitoring
  • Available differential pressure, inlet temperatures and urea tank level monitoring/display
  • Available dual dosing configuration supporting an additional reactant pump and injector to solve challenging packaging constraints on twin turbo charged engines

Intuitive User Interface

  • Similar to smart phone OS
  • Simplifies operator/technician training
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Logs critical operating parameters; log files are easily exported