APEX Catalyst

From cost-conscious to performance-minded applications and everything in between, MIRATECH’s Apex Catalyst portfolio has a solution to meet your needs. With industry-leading performance that stands up to even the most punishing environments, Apex keeps you within permitting limits for longer, keeping your equipment running when you need it.

  • MIRATECH’s NEW catalyst line
  • Built on decades of experience in catalyst design
  • Industry leading performance & warranty
  • Keeps you within permitting limits for longer
  • Bigger portfolio with more options than ever
  • Science-based washing & testing services let’s you keep reusing your catalysts year after year – maximizing ROI
  • Industry’s first and only catalyst with field-proven methane performance
  • Propane oxidation catalyst provides superior VOC destruction, unmatched by previous offerings
  • Precious metal reclamation credits at end-of-life help recover your investment


The Apex three-way catalyst with a three-year performance warranty is the first and only three-way catalyst in the industry with field-proven methane reduction performance, substantially lowering methane emissions in the first year.


When you need a replacement element quickly, MIRATECH’s localized inventory provides a fast solution. Our facilities, located in key strategic markets throughout North America and the world, are stocked and ready to ship to get your equipment back up and running.