SCR Control System: ACIS

The Analysis Controlled Injection System (ACIS) SCR controller monitors and controls all functions of an SCR, SCR/Oxidation, or SCR/DPF system: urea injection rate, ancillary system control and protection, alarming, and system monitoring/data logging.

Two control strategies are available to suit various applications: Open Loop Control or Closed Loop Control.

Either control system works with the same urea pumps, compressors, etc., working from a common urea handling system architecture.

Features shared by all systems include:

  • PLC based system
  • User-friendly HMI interface with built-in help screens
  • On-board data logging of critical operating parameters (exhaust temperatures, urea flow, differential pressure, alarms, etc.)
  • Modbus TCP/IP for communicating to common BAS or SCADA systems
  • Ethernet port for remote troubleshooting

Options are available to tailor the Control to the application such as HVAC for extreme ambient conditions, alternate communication protocols, ammonia flow control in lieu of urea, and others.

Learn more about our portfolio options to optimize to your need:

Optimized for smaller engines (300 – 1500 kW)

ACIS-BLU System (Open Loop or Closed Loop Control)

Optimized for larger engines (> 1000 kW)

ACIS-3 System (Open Loop or Closed Loop Control with NOx Monitoring)

ACIS-II System (Closed Loop Control)