Catalyst Support Structures


MIRATECH has designed and supplied over 100 catalyst support structures for combustion turbines and HRSGs.

  • Sizes range from single-section structures for small 5 MW turbines up to six-section structures for exhaust streams exceeding 5,000,000 pounds per hour
  • Materials of construction include carbon steel (coated and uncoated), Corten steel, and 304 stainless steel for high-temperature applications
  • Interface with the casing for bottom, side and top supports are simple and effective and allow for thermal cycling
  • Exhaust gas bypass during thermal expansion is eliminated with simple, effective flexible gas seal plates between the structure and the liner
  • Fabricated with common tubular steel shapes for high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Each catalyst element is individually mounted and supported and can be removed
  • Bypass around each element is eliminated with the use of a face seal and easy-to-install flat woven gaskets
  • Support structure designed with the future in mind – with the capacity to add 50% more catalyst
  • Customer specifications are readily accommodated
  • Approval drawings and a complete set of fabrication drawings and specifications produced in days
  • PE-stamped by a structural engineer for any seismic requirement