MIRATECH (established 1992) is a global industry leader that provides cost-effective, reliable, mission-critical emission and acoustical solutions for stationary natural gas and diesel reciprocating engines. We are known for our customer-centric consulting approach, advanced engineering expertise, extensive industry knowledge, project management, responsiveness, and quality products that improve the environment. These attributes have made MIRATECH a highly adaptable organization, able to accommodate both small ( kW <250) and large stationary engine applications ( up to 12MW).

With a staff of more than 240 people based in North America and Europe, as well as sales agents in more than 15 countries around the world, MIRATECH offers a comprehensive range of catalysts, housings, silencers, monitoring systems and related services that address and reduce engine-exhaust pollutants such as NOx, CO, VOC, diesel particulate, HAPs, and noise. Along with high-quality products, our engineering team provides each customer with solutions specific to their emission-control requirements and installation-configuration challenges.